Friday, June 4, 2010


To Mom and Dad:

Next to each path I take on my journey - walking this 'road of life'...
you have often been there to point me in the right direction.
You also know when to step back and remain quiet,
allowing me to find my own way -
allowing me to make my own choice.
And no matter what I choose,
you either proceed to walk ahead,
or you get behind me
or you move right alongside.

And each time that I am left standing before a new path,
I know your love for me,
is greater than I'll ever comprehend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A story about how life-changing conversations can cause someone to be left standing in contemplation as another person walks away. It touches on circumstance, change, and choice.

The Preface...

Life has the ability to change directly in front of us without our permission or any warning. At times, we have the ability to make changes, but most of the time change finds us. What we do next is in our power. Do we: deny the change, bargain against it, or accept it?

At times, we have no idea we are changing. Sometimes, we can only catch a glimpse of small changes when we look in the mirror, but rarely do we have moments where we can sense ourselves change.

Our true character surfaces during these profound moments of contemplation and reflection; it defines us as individuals - our lives are forever altered. These memorable moments don’t happen often in a lifetime; but they occur more than we might realize because seldom are we able to accurately understand the significance of how the moment changed us. It is in these instances of sensing change that we are left standing in contemplation of what we should do, what we should say, and how we should act.

These moments, as powerful as they can become, are usually unplanned. You can never truly prepare to say to someone exactly what they need to hear. You can never know how much you may be moved by what they say.

Reality and recognition become clear as reflection begins. An epiphany is the result.

These are life-altering conversations that change the direction of our path; changes that determine how smooth the road will be ahead.

We are left standing before our new path, not always fully grasping how we got there.

Left Standing Testimonials...

"Left Standing tells the amazing journey of a young man in search of his place in the world. Chad Bring documents the journey of 20-something Justin, and you are drawn in and captivated by his life and his struggles. You feel as if you know him intimately as he goes thru the ups and downs of his daily life. Bring does an amazing job of drawing the reader in and keeping them throughout the novel. You won't want to put it down."
~ Adam Froemming

“Mr. Bring has a wonderfully descriptive and realistic, yet encouraging, writing style that makes it hard to put the book down. His clarity attaches you to each character, allowing you to feel what they feel while going through the different phases of life.”
~ Melissa Story

"I love to read, but often novels do not hold my interest. When I picked up Left Standing, that was not the case. I felt that this story captured the whole of life. America, this is what we need; an interesting, heartwarming story of young love played out against the backdrop of family and friends, binding all together, and enriching everyone's life accordingly."
~ Karen Naramore

"I literally could not put the book down, I was so involved in the story. 'Left Standing' makes you think about the choices you make in life and how they will directly or indirectly effect you for years to come. You will get involved with the characters and their lives - feeling their ups and downs almost as much as you feel your own life. 'Left Standing' will cause you to take a look at your own career and relationships and re-evaluate for the better. What a great message to promote. Accolades to Mr. Bring. I can't wait for his next book."
~ Kasey Lukehart

"Chad is blessed with a natural writing style which is freely from the heart. 'Left Standing', Chad's 1st novel, captured my heart and my attention with each new page. Emotions of every sort seemed to toss and turn in my mind. I found myself magnetized to the relationship challenges (and celebrations) triggered by words spoken or unspoken."
~ Rita Bring (insert bias factor here ____)

"'Left Standing'.........after each chapter I was LEFT STANDING......!
Through the book I wondered what the characters must be thinking. I began to contemplate how it would play out! I found myself exploring my own thoughts, feelings......and even asking myself, what would I do? How would I feel? Even at the end, I was Left Standing by this amazing book about how words we speak have an affect on another person."
~ Nancy McCollum

"'Left Standing' is a heartwarming story about a young man torn between the future of his career and the woman he loves. Mr. Bring's characters are brought to life as they charm their way into your heart and soul. You feel like part of the family as you share their pains and fears or celebrate their passions and joys."
~ Deb Lebakken

"Chad Bring's first book is a major twist of how one's contemplations and reactions to a situation can change in the matter of seconds. His style of writing brings out the best in his characters and is easy to relate to personally. 'Left Standing' is an addiction that is hard to put down. As the reader, you will literally be 'Left Standing' in the very end."
~ Jessie Stanislav

"Left Standing is an insightful journey into the thoughts and actions of individuals as they face the challenges of everyday life. It leaves the reader questioning how they would react if placed in a similar situation, and will have you taking an inward look at your own past. A great read!"
~ Neil Halford - (Author of The Sound of Sight)